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Mission Statement
"The mission of the Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community."
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Become an athlete! Anyone 8 or older who has an intellectual disability can become a Special Olympics athlete. To register, get in touch with your nearest Special Olympics office. Below, you’ll find some more detailed information about eligibility, registration and more.
Athlete Eligibility
To be eligible to participate in Special Olympics, athletes must have an intellectual disability; a cognitive delay, or a development disability, that is, functional limitations in both general learning and adaptive skills. Participation in Special Olympics starts at age 8 years, and there’s no maximum age limit. Children with intellectual disabilities ages 2 through 7 can take part in the Young Athletes program, either at home or through a nearby Special Olympics program. People without intellectual disabilities can take part in Unified Sports, teams that mix people with and without intellectual disabilities.    
How to Register
All individuals who meet Special Olympics eligibility requirements and wish to participate must register with an accredited Program. Each Special Olympics Program has its own athlete registration form. 
Code of Conduct
All Special Olympics athletes and Unified Sports® Partners agree to a code of conduct that outlines expectations for sportsmanship, training and competition; and personal responsibility.   
I will practice good sportsmanship.
I will act in ways that bring respect to me, my coaches, my team and Special Olympics. 
I will not use bad language.
I will not swear or insult other persons.
I will not fight with other athletes, coaches, volunteers or staff.
Training and Competition
I will train regularly.

I will learn and follow the rules of my sport.
I will listen to my coaches and the officials and ask questions when I do not understand.
I will always try my best during training, divisioning and competitions.
I will not "hold back" in preliminaries just to get into an easier final heat.
Responsibility for My Actions

I will not make inappropriate or unwanted physical, verbal or sexual advances on others. 

I will not drink alcohol, smoke or take illegal drugs while representing Special Olympics at training sessions, competition or during Games.
I will not take drugs for the purpose of improving my performance. 
I will obey all laws and Special Olympics rules.
I understand that if I do not obey this Code of Conduct my Program or a Games Organizing Committee may not allow me to participate.
In Special Olympics, athletes of all ability levels are encouraged to participate, and every athlete is recognized for his or her performance. Competitions are structured so that athletes compete with other athletes of similar ability in fair divisions, a process called divisioning.  Individuals with profound disabilities can participate through the Special Olympics Motor Activities Training Program, which emphasizes training and participation rather than competition.   
Available Sports
Special Olympics has 30 official sports, below are the sports are played in Gujarat State.
Sports offered
Power lifting
Roller Skating
Team Handball
Table Tennis
What YOU Can Do    
Donate money to keep Special Olympics programs going.
Get in touch with Special Olympics near you to see what you can do to help.
Contribute five minutes to take the pledge to stop using "retard" as an insult.
Know someone with an intellectual disability? Refer them to a Special Olympics program nearby
Follow Special Olympics Gujarat online through Twitter, Facebook
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